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"No Other" Book Series

Avon Books, November 1995
ISBN 0-380-77171-3

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Skylar Connor was widowed before she met the man she married by legal proxy. No Other Man Now she has come to the Dakota badlands for the home and goldmine left her by her late husband. But it is a painted savage who welcomes "Lady Douglas" to the Black Hills. The handsome half-breed son of a Sioux woman and an English lord, he steals Skylar from her stagecoach...and declares it is he whom she wed sight unseen. Now Hawk has a wife he doesn't want--a sensuous vixen who ignites his rage and his desire...a beautiful schemer he must punish with ecstasy, and let no other man claim.

Avon Books, June 1996
ISBN 0-380-78136-0

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The Highland night torments Lady Shawna MacGinnis with haunting dreams. No Other WomanThe stunning Scottish lass can never forget it was she who, in the cause of clan loyalty, seduced David Douglas of Castle Rock—and she who, in the heat of passion, inadvertently lured the handsome laird to his death. And now surely madness has claimed her, for David Douglas has returned, a hardened, bitter spirit—slipping like a ghost into Shawna’s chamber, using stealth he learned among his brother’s people, the native warriors of America’s West. For David is determined to reclaim his birthright and wreak vengeance on his betrayers. But as he sets out to make Shawna pay—with her body, her soul—he discovers there is no other woman but she who can truly bring him back to life again. Read Excerpt...

Avon Books, July 1997
ISBN 0-380-78137-9

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Their fates first collide in the shadow of the Black Hills--when Sabrin Connor, fleeing her stepfather's cruel tyranny, is tempted by the sweeter captivity of Sloan Trelawny's arms. No Other Love Their lives entwine again in the Scottish highlands a world away--when Sloan rides to the lady's rescue, hoping to experience again a rapture he once briefly tasted and can never forget. Now an unborn child binds them. And though she fears the hot Sioux blood that runs through his powerful body, Sabrina must follow Sloan back to the untamed Dakota territories--to stand as wife by his side, in the perilous midst of the war that rages between Custer's cavalry and Sitting Bull's warriors--for the sake of a passionate love that two wild and yearning hearts can no longer deny.