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Graham Book Series

New York Times bestselling author Shannon Drake combines grand passion and spellbinding adventure in a shimmering epic of Scotland's tempestuous past...

Newest Release - October 2007.

HQN Books
October 2007

ISBN-10: 0-373-77231-9
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The Queen's LadyShe desired him above all ohers . . .
Would he now be her executioner?

Lady Gwenyth Macleod has staked her fortune and her reputation to help Mary, Queen of Scots take her rightful place on the throne. But her struggle to guide the reckless, defiant queen has put her at perilous odds with Rowan Graham, a laird dangerously accomplished in both passion and affairs of state. And the more Gwenyth challenges his intentions, the less he can resist the desire igniting between them. Now, with her country in turmoil and treachery shadowing her every step, will Gwenyth's last daring gamble lead her to the ultimate betrayal—or a destiny greater than she could ever imagine?

Zebra Books
January 2004
ISBN 0-8217-7547-2

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Men! If they aren't accusing Lady Maggie Graham of witchcraft or murder, they're marrying her off to old men who drop dead at the altar. And now she's going to have to save her unruly stepdaughter from a band of thieving, lustful street ruffians (men, again) with the help of the most infuriating man of all...Lord Jamie.
Women! They conduct themselves in a completely inappropriate manner — enjoying risqué amusements in secret theatres: running about disguised in the seediest parts of the city — and then they call you vile names for coming to their rescue. And no woman is more wicked, more cunning, more intoxicating than Lady Maggie.
Amidst the pageantry, rampant desire, and very real dangers of Queen Victoria's London, a bevy of lovers is about to stumble into a spectacle of sin and scandal, where appearances are deceiving and anything can happen when desire is pulling all the strings.
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Zebra Books, January 2003
ISBN 0-8217-7287-2

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The Lion in GloryNew York Times bestselling author Shannon Drake returns with a glorious Scottish epic about the cost of war--and the rewards of love... The tides of war have turned for the valiant Scots led by King Robert the Bruce, and they boldly reclaim lands still ruled by the English. When Jamie Graham comes to seize Hamstead Heath, he has no need for a hostage-not even one as beautiful and spirited as Christina, the manor's chatelaine. After her attempts to trick him fail, she insists that he take her away as his hostage. Though he is certain this confounding woman is trying to play him for a fool, Jamie is determined to claim the sweet temptation she offers...

Christina has but one goal in mind-to free her brother from the fortress of the new English king who has accused her family of treason. Her growing love for her unwilling captor is both unexpected and thrilling, yet it must not deter her mission-to master the art of jousting, win a tournament in disguise, and secure her brother's release. She cannot foresee the twist of fate that will threaten all she holds dear: her life, her lands...and the man who has captured her heart.

Zebra Books, Mass Market Paperback
February 2000, ISBN 0-8217-6471-3

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In the days when Scotland lay under seige, King David sought loyal warriors who would fight with their blood and hearts. Waryk de Graham, the greatest of these fighters, was knighted Lord Lion, but his honored position as Scottish chieftain came with a price: a Viking bride who had sworn to resist him in body and spirit.

Daughter of a Gaelic noblewoman and a Viking warlord, Mellyora MacAdin ruled her ancestral lands like a Valkyrie--wielding a sword and bowing to no man--until she found herself an unwilling captive to Lord Lion's compelling power. Now, torn between defiance and devotion, Mellyora must decide where her loyalty truly lies...and discover the secrets of her husband's heart.

Zebra Books, July 2000, ISBN 0-8217-6639-2

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Conquer the Night

Sir Arryn Graham had come to seek revenge against Kinsey Darrow for his bloody deeds against the Highland rebels. And he'd do it by claiming Darrow's bride, Kyra, for his own. But in the tangle of her lustrous hair and the emerald of her eyes, Arryn found a lady who was much more than a pawn.

Conquered by this bold knight, Kyra embraced his savage passion, knowing it marked her as the king's enemy. Now she is running for her life, an outcast who may be hanged unless Arryn can save her with his courage...and redeem his own soul with love.

SEIZE THE DAWN (book #3)
Zebra Books, February 2001, ISBN 0-8217-6773-9

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Bold and beautiful, Lady Eleanor of Clarin--sole heir to her ancestral lands--chooses to marry an aging French noble rather than Edward I's choice of a brutal knight. To preserve Clarin and defeat the rebellious Scots who killed her father, she would gladly give her hand to the devil himself.

But when the fiery Highland outlaw Frendan Graham takes her hostage, he also inspires her deepest desires. Now, as Eleanor is swept away from her beloved land and into an arranged marriage, she will be surrounded by treachery and accused of murder. Only one man can rescue her from the torture and death that lie ahead. The man should remain her greatest enemy--yet holds her heart--and her very life--in his hands.



Zebra Books, March 2002
ISBN 0-8217-6928-6

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New York Times bestselling author Shannon Drake returns with a glorious Scottish epic about the cost of war--and the rewards of love...

After her husband Afton, Lord of Langley, falls prey to a deadly plague, Englishwoman Igrainia finds herself a captive in her own castle...held hostage by a Scottish warrior Eric Graham, whose wife and son--prisoners of Lord Langley--have also perished there. To Graham, Igrainia is merely a political pawn, a pretty prize to dangle in front of the English king. But when the king refuses a trade--Igrainia for the wife of Scotland's ruler Robert the Bruce--Graham forces Igrainia to marry him, though the proud noblewoman would rather rot in her own dungeons than accept one gesture of kindness from her captor. What Graham never expects is the desire that his strong-willed bride stirs in his soul. And when Igrainia discovers the true heart of the fearsome knight, her life--and loyalties--will never be the same...